Monday, September 12, 2011

Recommendations for Same Recipe-4 different Results

My last post talked about my experiment using the same recipe with 4 different grinds of brown rice flour. If you remember, I made 4 starters using a different grind of brown rice flour for each:

1. Once-ground on a KitchenAid Grain Mill attachment on finest setting
2. Twice-ground same mill, first on medium, #4, and again on fine #1.
3. Bob's Red Mill with added rice bran
4. Bob's Red Mill

I made my Sourdough Bread #3 recipe which is a rice and chia gel based recipe. They all came out relatively well except for the third trial using added rice bran.

I thought that adding rice bran might add some needed coarseness to the Bob's Red Mill flour but it didn't work at all as I had hoped. The bran absorbed huge amounts of moisture and resulted in a bonafide brick. Couldn't even make it into bread crumbs. Went straight into the compost.

Moving on to the successes:
-The once-ground was acceptable albeit a bit heavy.
-The twice-ground was very good, rose well, tasted good, felt good.
-The loaf with Bob's Red Mill was extremely good. You can see that it rose higher than the others in the photo, it's the loaf on the right.

I have also made this recipe using Arrowhead Mills brown rice flour and it worked very well. (I didn't try this for this particular test, though)

I was very glad to know that this recipe will work well with commercially ground flour as well as with twice-ground on a KitchenAid.

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