Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starters: Starters of a Different Color

When I began working with gluten-free sourdough I began with brown rice flour. After 3 years of experimenting I was able to make more than 20 variations of bread, muffins and sweet breads using the rice starter.

I began to get requests for rice-free starters and began experimenting with different flours. I had great luck with a Teff starter, which makes fabulous pancakes, and a 2-flour starter, Buckwheat and Sorghum. The buckwheat gives it sponginess and the sorghum gives it some elasticity. This starter also makes great pancakes.

The photos shows 3 starters, the light colored one being brown rice, the medium colored one being buckwheat/sorghum and the dark one being teff.
I have already made some exceptional breads from the buckwheat/sorghum and the teff. In some ways they are even better than my rice starter recipes. A bit spongier, a bit lighter and somewhat more flavorful.

The photo on the left was taken after a few feedings when the fermentation activity became newly active. The photo on the right was taken after a few more feedings when the fermentation activity was very strong.

I love how puffy the starter gets at the height of its activity.

Feel free to tell us about your favorite starter.

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