Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Accident-25 Lbs. of Teff Flour-Part 3

I just scraped the bottom of the 25 lb. sack of teff flour. I like grinding my own teff grain into teff flour but since I accidentally bought 25 lbs. of teff flour instead of teff grain and then another 10 lbs. of teff flour instead of teff grain, I haven't had to grind any in months.

I was concerned the ground flour had less nutrients in it than fresh ground but the breads came out just the same and I certainly didn't notice any differences in my health or energy.

I really liked scooping through the sack of teff flour whenever I needed it. There was so much of the never ending teff flour and it filled me with a deep feeling of abundance. Scraping the bottom of the barrel left me a bit sad. I liked that rich abundance of pounds and pounds of flour to use up. Since there was so much I was a bit more aggressive in my experimentation and came with some fabulous breads: Teff Carob, Teff Coconut, Teff pancakes, Teff Zucchini Sourdough pancakes where I actually fermented the zucchini in the starter. I'm still perfecting that one and will post it soon.

I have a couple of single pounds of teff flour left in the freezer and soon will put in an order for Teff Grain, not Teff Flour, and begin the grinding process all over again.


  1. I hope it might help you in future teff endeavors - my Ethiopian friends say that teff sourdough must work for 3 days, being "washed" every day to avoid bitter/off flavors. I expect to get an injera making lesson eventually and if so will post the washing process.

  2. Thanks, ek, for this interesting info. I will be interested to read about the washing process or anything else you learn.
    Thanks for writing!